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From The UL Developer (jmhenry5150)

Hey everyone!!!

Welcome to the new UL blog network (for VIP members only!)

In my blog I will try to keep the UL community as up to date as possible with site updates and features too!

Iomega StorCenter ix2 Network Storage 8/10/2009 8:56:00 AM

I just picked this up over the weekend and figure I would provide a bit of a review for you guys.

My current setup at home has a small PC with a 300gb drive in it acting as a server.

On this PC i have:

  • 35gb of music
  • 200gb of videos (mostly in DiVx form from bittorrent)
  • All my family pics

I then have a 500gb backup NAS (Network Attached Storage) that all it does is backup stuff every night just in case.

I then use my 360 to stream all of this data.


  • To give access to the kids, they have full access to accidentally delete anything they want.
  • The PC has to be up all the time.
  • The PC is noisy.
  • The PC is unreliable as we all know how PC's are.
  • Too much overhead for what I really need done.

Now some nerd stuff - for a 360 to "talk" to a storage device, it must be UPnP complant, which has been pretty dificult to find until now.

So I get this home, plug it in to the network.  Fire up the 360 and *BAM*, it shows up.  After I copied all of my media over everything just is there - simple easy.

Now for my kids...grrrrr....In using this box you are able to setup users, then give them access to whatever you want.

For instance, I setup 4 shares, 1 for the wife, 3 for the kids.  Each share is locked down per user, so that no one (except the admin) can get in and touch their data - THIS was slick.

Also, I was able to grant READ access only to the media folder - so they can have iTunes on their computers, drag the songs they want in, but NOT be able to delete any files by accident...this is gold.

Also, it comes with backup and restore software that you can install all any PC to setup a backup schedule into their share drive.  What I did was only copy the My Documents folder for everyone each night - this should be enough.

Also this box has FTP access as well as setting up the box to hit from the outside world (remote access) - which isn't too important for me.

Another awesome feature is a built-in Bit Torrent client.  You can set it to download your files (PC free!!!), this was a major feature that I have been looking for.  No more tie-ing up a PC for days!

And lastly, it will even email you if there are any!

I bought the 1TB version for $179 at Fry's, they have a 2TB version for $229 but that was out of my budget...

It comes presetup only using 500 GB and then a mirror of the same drive - but you can turn this off...I have a backup only device so I didn't need it.  If you don't have a backup solution, I reccomend you leave this as is so that there is a running backup of data just in case.

 out of 5 - highly reccomended!!!

8/10/2009 9:17:00 AM
Iomega always makes good stuff...well, I wasn't a fan of the Zip drive, but otherwise I like them!
***Author response***
8/10/2009 9:51:00 AM
Well, think tho - back in the day to be able to store 100MB of data on a single disk was HUGE...especially to us developers...
8/10/2009 10:00:00 AM
True, it's amazing how fast technology advances.
8/10/2009 12:33:00 PM
This is pretty sweet. I've been looking for a better alternative to my "My Book" paper weight. I too am an avid bitorrent user.

Thanx for the review...I will be looking into purchasing one of these bad, 1TB or 2?? ;-)
***Author response***
8/10/2009 3:29:00 PM
I am re-boxing as we speak to exchange for the 2TB for $50 more :)
d heck26
8/10/2009 9:44:00 PM
Yeah, have no clue what you just blogged about
8/10/2009 10:39:00 PM
All i heard was Iomega StorCenter and just assumed he was batting right after Ichiro Suzuki.
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