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From The UL Developer (jmhenry5150)

Hey everyone!!!

Welcome to the new UL blog network (for VIP members only!)

In my blog I will try to keep the UL community as up to date as possible with site updates and features too!

Quitting Leagues 2/9/2010 11:10:00 AM

"Can I quit a league?"

This question has come up many times and I would like to clear the air and give you guys (from VIP members to new members) some straight up answers.

Before I begin, I just want to let everyone know about what we expect from our league members.

When you commit to a league, you are expected to commit 100% to finishing that league - just like when we admins start a league, you members expect that we are 100% committed to finishing that league.  It's that level of commitment that keeps the UL going from season to season, year to year.

So, can you quit a league?  The short answer is SURE you can quit a league - but with possible consequences.

There are many ways to quit a league, so let's go over a few:

  1. Just quitting (disappearing) to never be heard from again - or at least until the new Madden is released.  This is the worst thing you can do here.  Once you have been locked out, you have 1 week to respond.  If you do contact an admin about getting unlocked you WILL be suspended meaning you will lose all of your teams and you will not be allowed back into the UL site for "X" amount of days (from 30 days to 1 year) depending on your membership at that time.  If you are a constant problem, you may be gone for a year.
  2. Telling an admin you quit because you don't like the game.  Sorry guys, that's not a good reason to up and quit - finish the season.
  3. Discussing with an admin about your league status.  This is real life and we all understand things come up and taking the time to discuss anything that could keep you from completing the season is the best thing you can do.

When you take the time to discuss your situation with an admin, there is a good chance you can be relieved of your team without consequences.  We will then turn to the waiting list and try to find a replacement for you while you continue to schedule and play your games.  Also, if you come to an admin and you are 5 games behind - you will be asked to get your team up to date before a replacement is found.

The bottom line is to only commit to a league if you are 100% committed in finishing that league.

One thing to keep in mind is that we admins keep notes on everything you guys do here to help us track what is going on with each owner.  Nothing gets missed.  Running these leagues is not easy and we can only do so much - and we admins are just asking you guys to help us in getting these seasons to an end.

Do what you sign up to do - it's pretty simple.

Thanks for listening.

2/9/2010 2:49:00 PM
You know my Buddy and I ran a lil Madden907 league this year. My level of respect for Admins on here sky rocketed after doing it. We had 20 guys. Here hundreds. I almost lost my F'n mind listening to exuses etc. It turns into alot of work and most owners take it for granted, but you guys should know there are a select few who appreciate what you guys do around here. JM, Heavy, etc... Thanks, For the rest of you...Play your damn games!
2/9/2010 10:01:00 PM
My only issue is having to constantly commit to leagues before I ever get a chance to play the game this happens over and over again with the basketball game. I decide to play and then the game sucks and I'm stuck in the league. I will no longer do this just not committing to that league before playing the game even if that means losing my draft spot and just being on the waitlist as a replacement. Why can we never have commitments after the game comes out?
2/10/2010 1:15:00 AM
Good Job...
Sharko Libre
2/10/2010 7:32:00 PM
Right On! This site is about competition, integrity, sportsmanship and a passion for sports overall. The Admins are doing a terrific job running these leagues and the site looks great. Getting the word out there and utilizing some great tools. The least you can do for signing up is complete the season. And if you fear a bad game, wait a week or 3 and you can jump in for someone that leaves for good reason.
Chet Boyle
2/11/2010 7:48:00 PM
I agree with analyzer, which is why I sometimes prefer to pick up a team later in the season.

In this year's case, I am on the fence about joining the PSBL because there has been no working voice chat in the series and who knows how bad the lag will be.

Is there a reason league commitments have to be made before the game drops? A few days to play ranked games before league commitments would go a long way in preventing people from using excuse number 2.
2/12/2010 5:00:00 PM
I agree with Analyzer and Dan. I too am on the fence in regards to the PSBL this time around. I enjoy the game but the lag and lack of mics make it seem like I am playing the computer.
I would really enoy being able to play the game first to get an opinion on it.
2/19/2010 4:01:00 PM
To address Analyzer/others point. That is a commissioner based decision. If the league is high demand, most commissioners will try to get confirmation as early as possible so the schedules can be built & we keep the masses happy. Josh & I do not start the soccer league drafts until at least 1 week after the game drops as we want the numbers to be as solid as possibly before scheduling. Also, we like allow owners to try their teams before having to draft. Majority of soccer guys like it that way.
2/19/2010 4:04:00 PM
Most of the major leagues need early confirmation bc the demand is very high and we need to make sure our VIP/veterans get spots if they want them. It is not fair to newer owners to wait to see if a handful of veterans are going to decide to play or not. Most times, we do not have major issues in you giving up your draft spot in a high demand league prior to the league starting. JM is addressing owners quitting mid-season and thinking there will not be consequences.
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