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From The UL Developer (jmhenry5150)

Hey everyone!!!

Welcome to the new UL blog network (for VIP members only!)

In my blog I will try to keep the UL community as up to date as possible with site updates and features too!

Special Offers 8/12/2011 2:48:00 PM

As you can see I have added a Special Offers section under the Owner Console...

It looks like is offering some really good deals now-a-days on our beloved sports video games.

$20 off and FREE release day shipping is just a no-brainer.

So, if you plan on buying these games and you want to save some coin for future purchases, please support the United Leagues and purchase through the links on the side...

Thanks guys!

8/12/2011 11:56:00 PM
I like the addition To the side. A+
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