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From The UL Developer (jmhenry5150)

Hey everyone!!!

Welcome to the new UL blog network (for VIP members only!)

In my blog I will try to keep the UL community as up to date as possible with site updates and features too!

9 Years ago this month 12/8/2011 4:57:00 PM

With all the happenings going on lately, I figured it would be a great time to reminisce about our time here.

9 years ago, NFL2K3 was released...Xbox live came out and the world of online sports changed forever.

So I start playing online and immediately the "cheese" started.

  • Going for it every 4th down
  • Deep passes every play
  • Taking advantage of glitches

How could it stop!?!?!

Why cheat to win!?!?!

So...let's create a league - and the XBFL was born.

So, I whipped out Microsoft Frontpage and went to work.  I got Microsoft excel out to run stats that I would copy and paste into the website Monday morning.

Then the false scores started coming in.  UGH!  We had to have a login and password so that we could control the false scores that were being posted.  So that got done.

Then we had a problem with guys dropping out of site and we needed a way to track to make sure owners were sill playing their games.  GNP reports were born (love 'em or hate 'em - they are a necessary evil to what we do)

Then there were reports of cheese being used - UGH...why can't you guys play right?!?!  So then after looking at eBay I stole their feedback system.

Then I got a bright idea to get an MLB league going...complete with pitcher a completely separate league for MLB was born.  TWO logins?!?!?

Then I met Chris and he wanted a Madden league - so as soon as Madden went online, we went for it - but three separate league sites with 3 different logins!?!  Nah...the XBLLN was then born which integrated ALL of our leagues under 1 roof.

Then came the NHL, NCAA and FIFA leagues...

Heavy and Gamblers entered the scene and we finally had our staff in place.

Then we decided to change our name and the search was  What were some of the others??? was available and we jumped on it.

186 leagues later and I believe the rest is HISTORY!

So reflecting on the past...All in all, I have really enjoyed my time here.  I have met some really great guys that I will probably be friends with forever - even though we will never meet.  I have learned a lot of new development techniques that I will use in my professional life forever - and even though the site is as ugly as it is - it works and works well.  Add the fact of how many lives we have really changed here.  Many friendships were created - many more enemies(!) and rivalries...Many kids were born including my own!  Good stuff here guys.

We must be doing SOMETHING right smiley!!!

Here's to another 186!!!

12/9/2011 5:31:00 PM
Time flies when you're having fun. I currently have very little gaming time has work & family restrict my involvement but I certainly look back fondly on all the work done by JM & the friendships I made here. Hopefully one of these days I will be involved again!
12/10/2011 7:55:00 PM
" even though the site is as ugly as it is"

I have to disagree. Its not high tech flashy by any means, but its clean, crisp and well organized IMO. The color palette pops in a roy b biv kind of way. I've been around 7 years and there are many reasons that have kept me here that whole time. Thanks to all the staff for their dedication and hard work.
12/11/2011 8:24:00 AM
It has been great! I too have met some great people! Look forward to many more years, GREAT JOB!
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