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XBCF Bruin Talk 9/7/2011 10:44:00 PM


Recently Crazy Wence2 took time out of his busy schedule to go to ESPN headquarters and talk to EA about the XBCF college football season, here is the interview:
EA: Before we start the questioning, we'd just like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with us. I know it is tough to get away from that southern california weather.
Crazy: -laughs- Anything for EA. Plus, I get all the free Corona Extra's I want when I come to an interview. 
EA: Before we get into the season, talk to me about recruiting. Most of your roster is largely california kids, why?
Crazy: California is such a large talent pool, why go anywhere else? Sure, I'll go into Arizona, or occassionally texas, but everything I need is right in state.
EA: How have you managed to keep your kids out of trouble with the NCAA? Seems like everywhere you look sanctions left and right.
Crazy: We have a wall of shame in the locker room. anything that happens, anywhere in the country with a student athlete, gets put on the wall of shame. That way my players know never to do what that kid did, and if one of my players does something wrong, on the wall of shame they go.
EA: Okay, onto the good stuff. 5 weeks into the CF season and your Bruins sit at an impressive 5-0. What's different this year from previous successful seasons?
Crazy: Simple really, this year I've been able to win the close games. Last year I started off 0-2, both loses by 7 points or less before going unbeaten the rest of the season. This year my offense has come through in the clutch, it has been steady both running and passing wise. While my defense has been a force, we've been stopping the run and forcing teams to pass the ball. 
EA: Speaking of your offense, what would you say to those critics who say the pistol would not work in a tougher conference? For example...the SEC
Crazy: I'd tell those critics I am 3-0 against SEC teams so far this season.
EA: So you would not argue against the fact that SEC coaches call it a bit of a 'gimmick' offense.
Crazy: I'm not even going to respond to that EA, I don't want to get into a war of words with those SEC coaches, which is exactly what you want. Right now we have a lot of momentum, that is all that matters.
EA: Speaking of momentum, Bruin fans all over forums have been suggesting that this extra week to 'catch up on games', which coincidentally comes right before UCLA's bye week, is a plot to stop the Bruins momentum. What do you think?
Crazy: Well, even though I usually try to avoid this conspiracy theory stuff, I'm not going to lie, even if it does get me fined by the commishioner. But I think after my bruins rolled over the tide, commishioner sharko was so devastated he set this all up to stop my momentum. Knowing that during my time off I would spend my time watching That 70's show on netflix instead of playing NCAA preparing for my next opponent. 
EA: Is it true you had shark shipped in from japan for the pre-game meal?
Crazy: I will neither confirm nor deny that.  All I can say is my players enjoyed the meal, as always. Where you get your info I'll never know...
EA: The chef that prepared the meal came out and said this coach...
Crazy: Names, names! Give me a name EA! 
EA: Settle down coach! I was not trying to put your program down in anyway, I was just curious!
Crazy: From where I am sitting it sure sounded that way EA! next time choose your questions more carefully! You're lucky I don't end this interview right now!
EA: Bold words from you coach, but fine, I shall move on. You think the Shark tank is going to respond with his own interview in response to this one?
Crazy: Quite frankly I would welcome that, the shark tank always seems to ask the most interesting questions in his interviews. I can only wonder if the shark tank provides free beer like you do EA.
EA: -laughs a bit- Looking ahead coach, what game or games are the most difficult in your quest for perfection and a championship?
Crazy: They're all important games EA. It'd be easy to overlook an auburn team that has started poorly, but in the past Bigb has played me tough. I remember being 31 down to him last year in the keeper league and needing a miracle comeback to win that game. Every opponent deserves my upmost respect, time and preparation; no matter the record.
EA: What a politically correct answer from you coach, I didn't expect that from you. 
Crazy: I like being cliche from time to time. What'd you want me to do? Did you want me to talk about the Georgia game? Because that isn't going to happen, sure they're ranked 6th right now, but they still have to play two more games against two very good quality teams. One of them being another decent team from Southern california.
EA: So you acknowledge that Southern Cal is a quality team? 
Crazy: BWA is a great coach, with a quality team, and they can cause any team in the country problems. And yes, that does include your Georgia.
EA: Come on coach, what if Georgia wins both games and you have to go between the hedges against a 6-1 Georgia?
Crazy: I'll tell you this, if they win their next two games, I will come back and do an interview solely on them. Hopefully that'll stop the questions, I didn't want to say this but you're turning this Bruin convo into an SEC interview and that doesn't surprise me. EA you've always been SEC Bias!
EA: SEC Bias? That is ridiculous coach. I have nothing but the upmost respect for your Bruin team or any other West Coast team for that matter. 
Crazy: First you try to put my program down with the shark talk, and now you're talking about Georgia as if they're going to mop the floor with my Bruins. Like you expect us to go to Athens simply to get our asses handed to us! I'm out of here!
-insert fighting sounds here-
Due to unforeseen circumstances EA could no longer continue with the interview, we wish him a speedy recovery from his concussion and broken nose. 
And yes, I ripped Sharko's interview style blog on purpose! xD


Sharko Libre
9/8/2011 8:44:00 AM
Wuence i15
***Author response***
9/9/2011 6:52:00 PM
Looking back, I got carried away at the end of that interview, I should not have broke EA's nose!
9/11/2011 7:20:00 AM
Ha. Wence I promise I'll do my best to get you that interview before our game. Just try to control your temper. I don't want thrown in jail before our game!
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