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Bruin Talk III 10/27/2011 9:37:00 AM

After a long hiatus away from the ESPN studio’s crazy wence2 has finally made a return. With the season winding down ESPN buried the hatch with the crazy Bruin coach.

EA: Welcome back coach, hopefully we’ll be able to have a civilized interview.

Crazy: I’m sure this interview will go much better, EA. And thanks for having me back.

EA: You’re coming off a big win at Oregon. Autzen stadium is not an easy place to go into and win a game. How’d you do it?

Crazy: Well, I tried to keep a balanced offense throughout, which I did with great effectiveness. First downs were key, I didn’t want to run the ball every first down, so I mixed in a lot of different sets and really kept his defense guessing.

EA: Now, there are already whispers around LA of a rematch in the conference title game…do you want a rematch? And if yes, what will you do differently?

Crazy: Absolutely I want a rematch! I haven’t been able to sleep properly since losing that game to USC. As for what I’ll do differently…well, the last game he ran a lot of press coverage, straight man to man. I was not prepared for that all game long and my passing game suffered. I’ve been tinkering with bunch formations to counter this, as well as using my running backs out of the backfield a lot more. The second time around  we will be ready for his man to man defense.

EA: Interesting…bunch formations coach? Why do you think that’ll work?

Crazy: Well, it allows my inside receiver to come off the line untouched, and against tough man to man I will be taking advantage of that.

EA: Now…after looking at the films of your games, I have to say, your pistol offense is highly efficient. You score 80% of the time you have the ball. How are you so good at executing the pistol?

Crazy: Before I answer that, the pistol is not designed to be a ‘flashy’ offense, it is supposed to be about grinding out games. That would be why I am not putting up 40 points a game. As for why it is so good, balance.

EA: How would you stop your pistol offense?

Crazy: Want to stop it? You’re going to need a priest, at least three swords and a License to ill from the Beastie Boys.

EA: -laughs-

Crazy: And that’s the truth.

EA: Shout out to the beastie’s, been a while since I’ve seen that. -still laughing-

Crazy: What can I say? I’m a fan.

EA: Last question…how much will you beat Nevada by in the last game of the regular season?

Crazy: 3 points…I’m going to keep it interesting for the Nevada fans, and for the TV audience.

EA: only 3 points? Won’t that hurt you with the pollsters?

Crazy: No comment…thanks for having me.

Sharko Libre
10/27/2011 2:08:00 PM

You can NOT sub a WR in at TE. If you call an audible and a WR lines up in the TE position you must motion him out wide.

Also- There is a case of wine in the break go with all that CHEESE!
Wuence i15
***Author response***
10/27/2011 2:10:00 PM
come on now commish! I would never line up a wide receiver at tight end!
Sharko Libre
10/27/2011 2:12:00 PM

No longer a Cheese rule and not located in any NCAA FAQ. Your Cheese is good.. I MEAN your new offense should be exciting. I look forward to attending the game...if I am not needed at the SOUTHEASTERN Conference Title game.
Wuence i15
***Author response***
10/27/2011 2:18:00 PM
well if the cheese is good, it is a good thing I have wine to go with it! And I shall definitely reserve two tickets, one for you and one for your date!
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