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Bruin Talk IV 12/13/2011 3:31:00 PM


Keeping his word, we have coach of the UCLA Bruins Crazy Wence2 here in the man cave despite his loss to the Sooners.


DP: Thanks for being here coach. I know you would have preferred a win but your kids played tough. That Oklahoma team is good.


Crazy: Thanks for having me Dan. Yeah, the kids gave it their all, nothing more I can ask of them. Like you said, that Oklahoma team is good.


DP: I heard you gave quite the pregame speech, what was it about?


Crazy: -laughs- I just told the guys to remember the 30+ point ass kicking Oklahoma put on us in the pre-season. And lets go out there and earn some respect for the program.


DP: Why do you say respect coach? Because of the whispers saying Ohio state deserved a rematch? Or the whispers saying Arkansas was coming in red hot?


Crazy: Absolutely! People look at Ohio State/Arkansas and see the prestige, the big time stats, and than they look at UCLA and see what they consider an average team in an average conference. But I'll tell you something Dan, I think we're much better than both those schools. And I'm sure fans of those schools are probably going crazy right now, but I don't care, it is the truth!


DP: Wow, fired up coach...What was your game plan going into that hostile environment in OU? And was the crowd a factor?


Crazy: Well, we really needed to counter the sooner speed. And people ask me: How do you counter speed? With misdirection of course. Make the linebackers commit to something and hit him the other way. I implemented a bunch of swing screens and basic screen plays for this game. As for the crowd, it was a factor. Every time my QB, Prince, audibled a receivers route it took about 5 seconds to hear the call.


DP: Did the screen plays work? And did you work on silent counts?


Crazy: I've watched the film three times now, and if my lineman would have just blocked down the field it absolutely would have worked. There were a few times when my running back, Franklin, was in space and Jake's corners just blew by my linemen. Would have had huge yardage if not TD's at least twice if my linemen simply picked up the corner's. We did not work on silent counts.


DP: What about on defense? The stats don't look too convincing to me coach.


Crazy: Despite what the stats show, the defense was solid all night. We had a game-plan and it worked.


DP: What was the game-plan coach? And how does giving up over 100 yards on the ground mean the game plan worked?


Crazy: Part of the defensive game plan was not to turn the ball over on offense. I told my guys on offense that punting is winning against a great defense like Oklahoma. And I told my defense that if we're going to give up points I'll live with the TD's being 70+ yard drives. Aside from our one turnover Jake's other drives had to be 70+ yards like I wanted.


DP: You had a chance at the end if your defense could have forced a stop. What happened?


Crazy: Bad tackling...and some amazing running by Oklahoma's running back. Kid is a stud, must have broken two tackles on his way to the big play that pretty much sealed it.


DP: Looking back, what would you have done differently?


Crazy: Well, I would have tried to avoid 3rd and longs more for starters. Being put into obvious passing downs is not what we wanted to do against that defense.


DP: Who do you have winning it all coach?


Crazy: Tough to say, defenses will shine in that game. Give me West Virginia in a close one.


DP: Last question coach, there have been rumors that you might leave the bruins for a bigger program next year. Is that true?


Crazy: Where do you hear this stuff Dan? I am a Bruin through and through, love this school. And if the Bruins will have me, I will be back! Next year we'll have a stud by the name of Brett Hundley playing QB, and if you thought Prince was good at executing the pistol, just wait till you see Hundley.


DP: Well, we look forward to seeing you on that Bruin sideline. You're turning them into a powerhouse. Thanks for coming on coach.


Crazy: Anytime Dan. Thanks for having me.  

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