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will mostly be talking college football, college basketball, club soccer, international soccer.

Super bowl post game interview. 2/21/2015 7:35:00 AM

After a huge win over the Cowboys in the super bowl, coach zcrazy wencez, took the time to stop by the dp show and answer some question. 

Dp: coach, congratulations, have you slept yet?
Wence: not yet, it took a couple of hours for the win to truly sink in but once I stepped into the locker room after the trophy presentation that's when it hit me, and it has been celebrating ever since. 
Dp: talk to me about overtime.
Wence: well we definitely would've wanted the ball... -both start laughing- but the coin toss didn't go our way, and I was anxious the whole time cause we had a tough time stopping that passing attack, but when it mattered most, vontee Davis came up big with the int that got us the win.
Dp: looking at your hadn't lost a game since back to the Texans. 
Wence: I could argue we shouldn't have lost a game after week 1, but that's another matter. -laughs- but yeah, we hit a real hot streak, found our identity offensively and played excellent defense. The turning point game was definitely the Giants. That game could have made or broken our season, and we were dominant. Shout out to the Giants manager as well, I'm sure he was watching the super bowl at home. 
Dp: -laughs- there was some bad blood between the two of you. 
Wence: mostly one sided I think, but it was talked about for weeks. 
Dp: talk about Andrew luck and how he adapted to your system. 
Wence: what a great player, high football iq and super bowl mvp. He struggled to start the season cause we were still finding our identity, but once he found his groove, our results speak for themselves. Luck is a sneaky fast qb, and people forget he ran some read option at Stanford. I know since that loss to Denver in week 1 he hoped for another shot at them and in the playoffs, with our offensive system finally in place we came out victorious, luck was fired up in the locker room after that one. 
Dp: what did you think of having to play the Cowboys again? Rumor has it you were rooting for Atlanta. 
Wence: I'm not going to lie, I was rooting for the Falcons. -laughs- but only because how tough Dallas played us week 16. That game was an absolute slugfest and I would have preferred to avoid that kind of game again. Unfortunately we didn't, and as you saw yesterday, it was an unbelievable game. Every drive felt like the game was on the line, every play felt like it could be a game changer and in the end just a hell of a play won it. Game easily could have gone the other way. That Dallas defense was the best we played all season, Dallas has a hell of a coach. 
Dp: how was it coaching against your brother?
Wence: well, family dinner Saturday was awkward with our parents -laughs- but it was two great minds, the two best teams all year long, and it was fitting to have it come down to the two of us. We have such similar philosophies, especially on defense. Yes, we run some of the same concepts offensively, but it is a completely different style really. I am read option based all the way, he is more counter run based. He makes your linebackers stay on their toes. 
Dp: well, coach, Congratulations Again, and thank you for joining us. 
Wence: shout out to Kansas City coach Berman real quick, I know you were rooting for me! thank you Dan, always a pleasure. 
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