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 For league-wide FAQ's:

Please visit the United Leagues FAQ here.

What is the format of this league?

  • The league will consist of a 15-week tour.
  • There will be 9 regular courses, 4 major tournaments, and 2 international tournaments.
  • Season 11 will introduce a golfer draft to the league, so we are capped at 19 golfers within the game.

What are the game settings?

  • Game Mode: Stroke Simultaneous or Stroke Play
  • Session Type: Private
  • Max Number of Players: 4
  • Ranked: No
  • Course: Look at the week schedule for the course
  • Shot Clock: 60
  • Hole Select: Full 18 holes
  • Difficulty: Tour Pro
  • Three Click: Off
  • Precision Putting Meter: On
  • Tee Select: Hard (Black)
  • Flagstick Select: Medium
  • Course Conditions: Average
  • Second Cut Length: Medium
  • Wind: Default (by live weather)
  • Weather: Live Weather
  • Green Grid: On

Play all games in order of the season. Please do not play in advance.

Are there any other rules regarding gameplay?

  • Mid-air spin is NOT allowed.
  • Power boost is NOT allowed.
  • Chipping on the green is NOT allowed.

How are rounds played and scored? *** THE LEADERBOARD***

  • When a week is activated, players can schedule to play their round with any other player in XBGA (up to 3 others). Each player must declare a witness (another XBGA player) who will also play the round with him.
  • After the round finishes, each player will post his own score as well as his witness for the round. Total strokes, pars, birdies, and eagles will be recorded.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO REPLAYS OF ROUNDS. Players and witnesses found to post scores from replays will be removed AND BANNED from United Leagues.


  • Scores are translated into the Leaderboard.
  • Each player who completes the round will get an automatic 25 points
  • Players will receive additional points based on how they finish in the round:
    • 75 points for finishing with the lowest round score
    • 70 points for the second lowest round score
    • 65 points for the third lowest round score
    • 60 points for the fourth lowest round score
    • 55 points for the fifth lowest round score
    • 50 points for the sixth lowest round score
    • 45 points for the seventh lowest round score
    • etc
  • For ties, all players who got that score will receive the number of points. For example, if Owners A, B, and C get the best score with a 68, they all receive 75 (+25 for playing) = 100.

How are the Majors integrated into the season?

The Major tournaments will be played using our tournament function on the league page. In order to participate in the Major, you must be caught up on the tournaments. We require that you have all previous tournaments played in order to ensure proper seedings. For example, the first two weeks will be opened, allowing you to get your rounds in within a 2-week time. Once the deadline hits (or everyone has completed their two rounds) we will seed the Master's, then open the tournament.

There will be very strict deadlines for Major tournaments. The settings for Majors will be the same as a regular season course, and there will be a forum thread for you to post your score for the round. We will keep tabs on all tournament scores using the League Notes, so that we can award a Major Champion at the end of the season.

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