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Please visit the United Leagues FAQ here.


X1PL Game Settings - League matches will be played on FIFA 15, under these game settings:

Online Friendlies

  • Half Length: 7 minutes
  • Controls: Any
  • Game Speed: Normal
  • Squad Type: Online

ULFA Basic League Rules:

  • The winner of a league match will earn three points. Each team participating in a league match that ends in a draw will earn one point.
  • The position of the teams in the standings will be determined by the number of points earned.
  • If any 2 or more teams have earned the same number of points, their position in the standings will be determined on goal difference. The difference between the total number of goals scored by and against a team in league matches, and the highest ranked team will be the team with the largest goal difference.
  • Even though goal difference can affect the standings, owners are still expected to show good sportsmanship and are prohibited from running up the score.

UL GNP Policy

GNP reports are a requirement for any GNP that is past due.

  • At 4 GNPs you will be posted on the X1PL main page under 'GNP List'. This is the first friendly reminder that your GNP'S (Games Not Played) are being tracked.
  • At 6 GNP you will continue be on the list again and consider this point to be your official warning.
  • At 8 GNP you will lose your team.

**Disclaimer** Offenses not listed here that are found to be not in the good spirit of the league & sport may be subject to removal from the league and suspension or banning from United Leagues.

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