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Please visit the United Leagues FAQ page.


Regular Season Games:

  • Skill: All-American
  • Quarter Length: 6 minutes
  • All other game options must be left on the default settings.
  • All games will be held in the designated home stadium. Look on either the Team schedule or the Weekly schedule page for Home team designation.
  • Play all games in order of the season. Do not play games in advance.

Tournament Games:

  • Games will be played under the same rules as 'REGULAR SEASON GAMES' unless otherwise specified by the Commissioner.


  • Passing Yards
  • Rushing Yards
  • Turnovers


  • Conference Championship Round (automatically seeded #1 and #2 in each conference)
    • BIG TEN Conference Championship
    • BIG TWELVE Conference Championship
    • SOUTHEASTERN Conference Championship
    • ATLANTIC COASTAL Conference Championship
    • PACIFIC TEN Conference Championship
    • MOUNTAIN WEST Conference Championship
    • BIG EAST Conference Championship
    • CONFERENCE USA Conference Championship
  • Bowl Round (Conference Champions and Runners-Up Automatically Seeded)
    • Tier 1
      • Rose Bowl: BIG TEN Champion vs. BIG TWELVE Runner-up
      • Cotton Bowl:  BIG TWELVE Champion vs. BIG TEN Runner-up
      • Sugar Bowl: SOUTHEASTERN Champion vs. ATLANTIC COASTAL Runner-up
      • Orange Bowl: ATLANTIC COASTAL Champion vs. SOUTHEASTERN Runner-up
      • Freedom Bowl: PACIFIC TEN Champion vs. MOUNTAIN WEST Runner-up
      • Independence Bowl: MOUNTAIN WEST Champion vs. PACIFIC TEN Runner-up
      • Veterans Bowl: BIG EAST Champion vs. CONFERENCE USA Runner-up
      • Liberty Bowl: CONFERENCE USA Champion vs. BIG EAST Runner-up
    • Tier 2 ***
      • Holiday Bowl: At-Large vs. At-Large
      • Citrus Bowl: At-Large vs. At-Large
      • Alamo Bowl: At-Large vs. At-Large
      • Peach Bowl: At-Large vs. At-Large
      • Heritage Bowl: At-Large vs. At-Large
    • Tier 3 ***
      • Sun Bowl: At-Large vs. At-Large
      • Bluebonnet Bowl: At Large vs. At Large
      • Emerald Bowl: At Large vs. At Large
      • Delta Bowl: At Large vs. At Large
      • Shrine Bowl: At-Large vs. At-Large

*** For At-Large bids, schools are selected for even match-ups (based on XBCF Poll Rankings from Bowl Week), starting with Tier 2 bowls first, then Tier 3 [a to e], etc. (i.e., closest possible poll rankings will play each other, starting with the top tier bowls first).

  • BCS Round 1
    • Fiesta Bowl: #2 ranked school vs. #3 ranked school in final poll (after Bowl round)
  • BCS Round 2
    • XBCF Champions Bowl: #1 ranked school vs. Fiesta Bowl champ 


Who votes in the poll?

  • Voters are designated by the admins

When does the poll come out?

  • There is a preseason poll followed by polls every week up until the week before the BCS Round.

How does the poll work?

  • Pollsters pick their top 25 every week. 25 points are given for a 1st place vote, 24 for 2nd, and so on until 1 point for a #25. Points are tallied and the top 25 vote-getters are listed in the poll (along with total first place votes).

What is the significance of the polls?

  • Poll results will be used at the end of the year to seed the At-Large Bowl round games (16 places total). Remember, 16 places are automatic due to conference championship games).
  • A final poll will take place after the Bowl Round and will determine the top 3 teams that go on to a 2 game BCS championship bracket (Fiesta Bowl and the XBCF Champions Bowl).

How do I know it is fair?

  • Pollsters are forbidden to identify themselves at any time during the season. If that situation occurs intentionally, immediate action will be taken by league staff, with possible removal of the owner. As in college football, polling is subjective. We urge pollsters to use strength of schedule, team balance, win/loss record, etc. as criteria for submitting rankings.
  • Remember, running the score up is NOT TOLERATED, so pollsters SHOULD NOT use margin of victory for submitting rankings every week. Members who do not follow the United Leagues sportsmanship guidelines will be removed IMMEDIATELY.


  • D-Linemen must be set on the line of scrimmage in a 3pt stance. The only movement allowed by the DE's is via 'line audibles'. You are not allowed to move your DE's manually. If you want to spread your D-Line and then take over a DT and slide him back to the middle/left/right whatever, that will be the only acceptable movement allowed. Basically, you can move your DT's as long as they stay in the 3pt stance.
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