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United Leagues Communication

Slack will be the official method of communication for this (and all) UL league(s). Scheduling may be done through PM in Discord or UL PM. If you are having problems with scheduling your opponent, please contact the commissioner.

Playstation 4 Football Association (PSFA)

Is the governing body of all football in the United Leagues network. The PSFA sanctions all competitive football matches in United Leagues and all transactions (transfers, free agents, loans, etc). This is the United Leagues’ version of an online master league. While not being able to exactly replicate the offline experience, the PSFA is unlike any other online PES league and will continue to grow and evolve to become the best PES league available.

Club Teams

  • Any 4.5-star (or lower) club team in the game is available

  • Club teams must have exactly 23 players on their senior roster (at least 2 goalkeepers)

    • Clubs must be in compliance with roster and salary cap rules before they can play any matches. Clubs that remain in violation for extended periods of time will face fines.

  • Owners may leave their club at the end of the season, but they will not be able to take their transfer budget with them, they will be treated as a new club joining the league.

    • There will be a period when owners can decide to stay at their current club or leave. This will happen between the end of the season and the off-season transfer window, so we know which clubs will be available.

    • Returning owners will have first choice on clubs if they choose to go to a new club. New owners will then be able to pick a club.

  • New clubs entering the league will be able to select similarly-rated (or lower) players at no cost to replace players that have already been sold/drafted from their club.

    • Replacement players must be the same position (secondary positions count) and rating (or lower) as the player they are replacing.

    • Replacement players will be chosen before any additional drafting takes place

    • Original teams has right of first refusal for reclaiming players that are available

  • New clubs will also begin with a €35m transfer budget as well as enter the league in the lowest division.


PSFA Game Settings

League matches in the PSFA will be played on PES 19, under these game settings:

  • Match Time: 15 min
  • Injuries: On
  • Ball Type: Home Choice
  • Time Limit: Long
  • Overtime & PKs:
    • Regular Season/Group Stage - Off
    • Playoffs/Cup Knockouts - On
  • Max No. of Subs: 3

PSFA Basic League Rules

  • The winner of a league match will earn three points. Each team participating in a league match that ends in a draw will earn one point.
  • The position of the teams in the standings will be determined by the number of points earned.
  • If any two or more teams have earned the same number of points, their position in the standings will be determined on goal difference. If any title/promotion/relegation position is tied, there will be a one-game playoff (if two clubs are tied) or miniature tournament (if more than 2 teams are tied).
  • The winning team will submit the result & team stats, or the home team in the event of a draw. Both teams are responsible for submitting their own player stats.

Backup Goalkeepers

Backup goalkeepers must be selected to play in at least 10% of your club's total matches (cup + league). You must designate your backup goalkeeper games BEFORE the stats are entered, once the stats are entered, you cannot designate it as a backup GK match. To mark a match as your backup GK, click the beside the match on your team page, so it will look like once it's activated. If you fail to meet this requirement, you will be fined €10,000,000 for each match short of the rule.

Free Kick Defending

Setting a man on the line to defend a free kick is unrealistic and illegal. This is your warning. If it happens in a match and your opponent reports it, your leading scorer will be benched for your next match. If it happens again, your two highest-rated players will be benched. A third offense will result in removal from the league.

Toxic Player Reporting

If you have a bad experience playing in the league due to your opponent, for any reason, and are not comfortable leaving negative feedback, you may contact the commissioner. Reports will be taken seriously, so if you are only upset because you lost and not because of exploits, questionable tactics, etc. don’t bother.


PSFA Competitions

PSFA League

The league will be split into divisions, with promotion and relegation. Each team will play their divisional opponents home and away. The bottom 3 clubs from Division I will be relegated and the top 2 clubs from Division II will be automatically promoted, with the 3rd-6th placed clubs in a promotion playoff.


The PSFA Cup will be a straight knockout competition. Injuries and bookings do not carry over between the league and cup.

Injuries & Bookings

Players can miss games due to injuries or card suspension (red or yellow). These will be posted each week with the news update. All suspensions/injuries take effect the following week. All injuries & suspensions carry over from league matches to cup matches and visa versa.


  • When a player is injured during a match, it must be reported in the post-match report. Players that are injured will miss 1 match the next match week.

    • If a player is injured in 2 matches in a single gameweek, they will miss 2 matches in the next week.


  • Players that accumulate yellow cards will be suspended at the following intervals:

    • 3 yellow cards - 1 game

    • 5 yellow cards - 2 games

    • 7 yellow cards - 3 games

    • 9 yellow cards - 3 games

Club Finances

  • Wage Budget – Team rosters will be restricted by a wage budget.

    • The budget for Season I will be €190m

  • Transfer Budgets - For the first season, each team will receive a starting transfer budget from the FA to use for transfer activity. Teams will receive €35m. Any new clubs to the league will receive the same amount for their first season in the league.  

  • TV Money - At the end of each season, every team will receive €10m from television revenue.

  • Finishing Bonuses – In addition to TV money, teams will get a bonus that depends on where they finish in the final standings. The bonuses will be determined before each season based on the amount of teams in the league.

    • Finishing bonuses for Season I will be (for both divisions)

      • 1st - €30m

      • 2nd - €25m

      • 3rd - €22.5m

      • 4th - €20m

      • 5th - €17.5m

      • 6th - €15m

      • 7th - €12.5m

      • 8th - €10m

      • 9th - €7.5m

      • 10th - €5m

  • Cup Bonuses – Finally, for our domestic cup competitions, there will be even more bonuses. The round win bonus is €1m. The domestic cup winners get €10m and runners-up get €5m.

  • Miscellaneous Bonuses

    • Ranked Games Bonus -- If you are in the top 5 of ranked games at the end of the season, you will receive a bonus of €10m for first place, €8m for second place, €6m for third place, €4m for fourth place, and €2m for fifth place.

      • The only games that count for ranked games are friendlies. Not league/cup matches.

    • League Leader Bonus -- If your player leads the league in any major statistical category, you will receive a €1m bonus per category.

    • The PSFA reserves the right to add/subtract bonuses as it sees fit to increase league activity or to control excessive transfer activity.

Player Cap Numbers






































All players rated 80 - 70 will be valued as their Overall Rating/10 - All players rated 69 & below will be valued at $5,000,000



Player transfer values will be taken directly from Transfer Markt. The values there will be considered minimum bids.

Transfer values are NOT the same as the player’s cap number. It is strictly a value used when buying/selling a player.


Transfer Rules

The PSFA sanctions all transfer activity between clubs, and therefore has final approval on deals. The following rules have been put in place to help teams find success in the transfer market.

  • Transfers may only take place during open transfer windows.

    • There will be one off-season window and one mid-season window.

    • Players may only be transferred a maximum of 2 times per season

  • Player swaps are legal, as long as the deal is deemed fair by the PSFA

  • Owners may also swap with CPU clubs, but these deals have strict rules

    • Players must play the same position (secondary positions count)

    • Players must be within 3 years of age of each other

    • If the player that an owner is swapping FOR is of higher value, then the owner must include enough cash to cover the entire value.

    • If the player that an owner is swapping FOR is of lower value, the swap can happen, but there is no cash changing hands.

    • CPU Swaps are limited to 2 in the mid-season window, and 3 in the off-season window.

  • Teams are not limited to a certain number of transfers via free agency, cash purchase, or human/human swap, only by CPU swap.

How to Make a Transfer

  • The PSFA will utilize a blind auction style of transfer market. The market will still be a week long, but will be divided into 12-hour windows. 

  • When you have determined your transfer targets, submit your bids through the PSFA Bid Form. After 12 hours, the winning bids will be announced. 

    • In the event that two teams have identical bids for players, both parties will be asked for an additional bid.

    • In the event that two teams both bid their max budget and it is the same amount, the player will go to the lower-rated club.

  • Bids may be retracted or changed only before the 12-hour window has closed

  • If you have used all of your CPU swaps before deadline day, you will receive an addtional CPU swap on deadline day.

Free Agency

Eligible Players

Any player who is dropped from a PSFA team.

Claiming a player

Claiming a free agent works just like a transfer, submit a claim to the commissioner via DM. The first team to post a claim will be awarded the player. Free agents can only be added inside of transfer windows

Dropping a player

Players may be dropped in order to make room for new players. Players can only be dropped inside of transfer windows.


 Match Streaming

Streaming is required by the home team. If there are connection issues, the away team can try to stream. If you need help setting up Twitch, please contact the commissioner.

Penalties and Miscellaneous Rules

  • Rage quitting is strictly prohibited

  • Managers that are found to be fielding a player that is not on their listed roster may be subject to immediate removal from the league. This includes using players that have been illegally modified.

  • If you have a game with Unable to Obtain Stats (UTOS), you will be ineligible for any award money at the end of the season. This does not apply to UTOS matches with **STAFF** clubs.

  • Feedback is mandatory. “GG” does not count as leaving feedback. This is a league geared towards mature gamers, so we will use feedback to weed out those who may not be a good fit. Only use negative or neutral feedback when it is fitting (cheesy play, exploits, etc.). Leaving negative feedback just because you lost a game is immature and you’ll find yourself looking for a new league if it’s a trend.

  • Multiple (valid) negative feedbacks acquired throughout the season are grounds for removal from the league.

**Disclaimer** Offenses not listed here that are found to be not in the good spirit of the league may be subject to additional fines, suspension, or removal from the league. The PSFA also reserves the right to add or remove rules as it sees fit for the best interest of the league. Obviously, the goal of this league is to have fun and try to recreate the manager mode experience as best we can in an online setting with friends. So basically, don’t be a jerk and you’ll be fine.  

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