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For league-wide FAQ's:

  • Please visit the XBLLN FAQ here.

What is the game format?

Same settings as when you play online.

  • All-Star Difficulty
  • Simulation with rules ON
  • 6 minute periods
  • All other game options must be left on the default settings.
  • All Games will NOT BE RANKED. Since many players are forced to use teams other than their first choice.
  • All games will be held in the designated home arena. Look on either the Team schedule or the Weekly schedule page for Home team designation.
  • Play all games in order of the season. Please don't play in advance.


  • Do not miss freethrows on purpose just to get the offensive rebound. I've noticed it online and I just wanted to make sure no one was taking advantage of it.
  • No unecessary pausing or pausing the game for too long.
  • Tournament games can be used in the win/loss rankings

What is the PSBA GNP Policy?

  • At 3 GNP's you will be posted in "From The Commissioners Desk" section under "GNP Hit List". This is the first friendly reminder that your GNP'S (Games Not Played) are being tracked.
  • At 4 GNP'S, unless you have a reason to be behind (example: vacation or moving), you will be on the list again and consider it your official warning.
  • At 5 GNP's, if you are on the list again, and you have no legitimate will be removed.

What stats are going to be tracked?

  • Rebounds
  • Steals
  • Successful 3 pointers
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