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Playstation 4 FIFA League Rules

PSFL League

The league will be split into divisions, with promotion and relegation. Each team will play their divisional opponents home and away. The bottom 3 clubs from Division I will be relegated and the top 2 clubs from Division II will be automatically promoted, with the 3rd-6th placed clubs in a promotion playoff.

Any ties in the standings will be settled via a one-game playoff between the two clubs. If more than two clubs are tied, then a small tournament will be used. Goal difference will have no bearing on the final standings. 


The PSFL Cup will be a straight knockout competition. Injuries and bookings do not carry over between the league and cup.

Game Settings & Rules

Games will be played on

  • Xbox Live > Online Friendlies
  • Team Level: Any
  • Half Length: 8 mins
  • Controls: Any
  • Game Speed: Home team choice
  • Squad Type: Online

Free Kick Defending

Setting a man on the line to defend a free kick is unrealistic and illegal. This is your warning. If it happens in a match and your opponent reports it, your leading scorer will be benched for your next match. If it happens again, your two highest-rated players will be benched. A third offense will result in removal from the league. This isn’t a FUT league. If you want to play like it’s the Weekend League, take that garbage elsewhere.

Toxic Player Reporting

If you have a bad experience playing in the league due to your opponent, for any reason, and are not comfortable leaving negative feedback, you may contact the commissioner. Reports will be taken seriously, so if you are only upset because you lost and not because of exploits, questionable tactics, etc. don’t bother.

Injuries & Bookings

Players can miss games due to injuries or card suspension (red or yellow). These will be posted each week with the news update. All suspensions/injuries take effect the following week. 


When a player is injured during a match, it must be reported in the post-match report. Players that are injured will miss 1 match the next match week.

  • If a player is injured in 2 matches in a single gameweek, they will miss 2 matches in the next week.


  • Players that accumulate yellow cards will be suspended at the following intervals:
  • 3 yellow cards - 1 game
  • 5 yellow cards - 2 games
  • 7 yellow cards - 3 games
  • 9 yellow cards - 3 games

It is imperative that owners track their player stats trhough the site. Any incomplete stats will be met with a suspension of the team's highest-rated player for the next match.


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