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Author New Xbox app for Apple!
JakeDaSnakee Posted: 12/10/2011 5:30:59 PM

Chicago, IL (CST)

Microsoft finally made a app for apple users for xbox live....I was curently useing an app called "360 live" which i suggested to all applel owners at the time beacuse it was free. But this new app from microsoft BLOWS "360 Live" out of the water!

Check it out it is free and im sure its on driod phone but i havnt confrimed it

"My Xbox LIVE"




Please reply how you people like it...it runs very smooth from me (iPhone 4)

  "Am I that GOOD or are you that BAD?"
jmhenry5150 Posted: 12/11/2011 8:51:32 AM
Senior Partner / Developer

J. Michael Henry
Dallas, TX (CST)

Very nice!


  "Now hit MY music!"
Pontification Posted: 12/11/2011 9:28:25 AM

Chris ORourke
Long Island, NY (EST)

Finally! Thanks Jake!

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