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Author Matt Millen
The360Gambler Posted: 9/25/2008 3:10:27 PM

Stephane Cormier
Dieppe, NB (EST)

This should keep us going...WHY did this guy keep his job for so long?

My theory, he must have some good "dirt" on the Ford family...

Anyways, who should the Lions hire to replace him & by which year will the Lions make the playoffs?

  "Under Construction..."
HOTSTOVE907 Posted: 9/25/2008 4:06:29 PM

chris Stovall
anchorage, AK (Other)

I dont know much about the organization but when it comes to playoffs it looks like it might be awhile down the road. Greenbay and Minnesota should both be the 2 power houses in that division.  Aaron Rodgers seems to be able to play and minnesota is young. Ap will be giving it to the lions defense for the next 10yrs

  "Let the loser's worry about losing"
Jmustang1968 Posted: 9/25/2008 4:32:18 PM

John Stringer
Katy, TX (CST)

Minnesota is going to struggle getting past 8-8 until they can get a reliable passing game going.  I do not think Frerotte is anything but a stopgap.  And if they dont think Jackson can get the job done, whats next? I guess they go free agency or try to draft again.

Back to Detroit... Millen didn't get results and that ultimately did him in.  However, some of the players he picked were agreed upon to have talent and be successful (Harrington, Rogers, Mike Williams to name a few)  many of them just didnt pan out for one reason or another.  The one bad pick in there is Mike Williams for sure, picked way too high.  He neglected defense for too long and it hurt him.  However, they definitely have talent to build off of.  they have 2 of the best young receivers in football.  A few defensive pieces, some help at oline and if they can get Stanton healthy and see what he is made of for the future.

MCnDaHouse Posted: 9/26/2008 10:15:31 AM

Martin C
Rocky Mount, NC (EST)

I agree that Detroit has a lot of talent. However they kept drafting WRs when there were other needs. Even when you have big time potential WRs staring you in the face in the draft, sometimes you have to make other picks or trade down to get more picks to shore up other areas.

You've got to have a good OL and some playmakers on defense.  I think Detroit is still a year or more away from making the playoffs.

Minnesota will have to draft a QB or trade for one. I think Tavaris Jackson has worn out his welcome. He may eventually play well somewhere else but it doesn't look like he can do it at this point. Frerotte is a good QB but at 15yrs in the league he is just a fill in.


HoffSpur85 Posted: 9/26/2008 11:10:30 AM

Columbus, OH (EST)

Excellent time for the Bears to get back to glory.

Even with Kyle Orton...

...or Rex Grossman.

Wait, who's the quarterback this week?!

OK, let's just run Matt Forte all day. 

Yeah, that sounds better.

  "Luck is a scapegoat for failing to capitalize on your opportunities."
Osirus19 Posted: 9/28/2008 8:04:48 AM

Wilmington, DE (EST)

Millen's problem was that first.... he had no experience with his position. A GM isn't a job that you learn on the go. Second is that he wanted Joey Harrington to suceed too much. By that I mean that he played a role in picking the QB of the future (even though his completion percentage was low at Oregon State) and did too much into putting him around more weapons ie charles rogers, roy williams, mike williams. Finally Bill Ford Sr likes people around him who he gets along with and is very agreeable with him. Even though that's Ford Sr's fault, Millen fit in nicely with him and was able to hold the job for so long until Bill Ford Jr pretty much blasted his father's lack of decision by saying he would have fired Millen. And as you all know the next day it was done. But that's should only be the first step. I've been a lions fan forever and the losing culture starts from top down. Hopefully Bill Ford Sr will step aside and let his son take over the team.

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