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Author PS3 HD Swap Help!!!
BigTyme21 Posted: 12/25/2008 12:35:54 PM

Ladson, SC (EST)

I know that you can change your hard drive in your PS3 and the manual gives you instructions on how to do it. This is my issue: I have a portable hard drive that I use for my computer. It is a 380 gb and it has about 45 gb of movies and music on it for my Ipods.

I was wondering if anyone here knows if I plug it into my PS3 to back up my PS3 hard drive that my other items on the portable hard drive will be ok. That is a lot of movies/music that I don't want to have to re-install and possibly lose. If necessary, I guess that I could go to Best Buy/Circuit City tomorrow and buy another external hard drive and return it. Or just keep it.

And for those with a PS3 that are thinking of swapping out hard drives, this is the one that I got: It is a Western Digital Scorpio 320 gb 4500 rpm model #WD3200BEVT. I purchased it off of Amazon and with two day shipping it was only $86. A lot of other PS3 owners have recommended this hard drive and have had no issues. After install you should have about 290 gbs of storage for games, music, movies, etc.. I ordered it on Saturday night and received it on Wednesday, Christmas Eve.


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