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Author What is the correct process to go about if I want to trade picks to move up in the draft?
LegolElf Posted: 7/13/2009 10:05:32 AM

Jarrod Holland
Paducah, KY (CST)

Hey guys, I think I'm sitting around pick 19 or so in the Madden draft coming up this year. With the season the Titans had last year and their updated high ranking in this years game I seriously doubt they will fall all the way to pick 19. I would like to trade with someone to a higher pick in hopes I can get the Titans again this year. That's my team, and honestly playing in this league wouldn't be as fun if I had to use someone else. If there is anyone towards the top of the draft planning to take a team that will more than likely fall to my pick, and wouldn't mind trading picks, please let me know. If this is not the correct process to go about doing this I apologize. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!

Anonymous juice Posted: 7/23/2009 6:23:52 AM

Dustin Howard
New Bern, NC (EST)

With the deadline for returning owners only about 4 days away its looks like you will have the 10th or 9th pick in the draft.  After you factor out the returning owners who move to other leagues and people who don't return.  Plus if you look at a couple of people who are ahead of you, you might be able to tell who is draft what....(ie jmherny = cowboys). I would say you will be ok drafting the titans.  But you never know....



  "Quite candidly, of every 10 holes we drill, nine of them come up dry."
LegolElf Posted: 7/23/2009 8:28:44 AM

Jarrod Holland
Paducah, KY (CST)

I'll just wait and see what my final order is after returning owners are moved up... and then I'll start asking what people plan to do. Hopefully I can make a deal to get the Titans somehow. Thanks juice!

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