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Author [OFFICIAL THREAD] Game feedback is required
T0UCHD0WN JESUS Posted: 10/6/2014 5:57:47 AM

Jason Stewart
Smiths Station, AL (EST)

Berman is doing a great job commishing this league for me currently as work and family is stretching me very thin.  I have noticed a trend that I want to touch on though.

Feedback after each game is required everyone.  For instances like the below conversation, or anything else that could or would be explained afterwards.  Feedback was always a way for users to police themselves, along with giving everyone an understanding of how games were being played.  Feedback is an issue that seems to be across the board from partners, staff, and players.  I want to see everyone this week take a few minutes to give some feedback on their games played.  Everyone is logging on to the site, they are just ignoring the button to insert feedback.  This tool is helpful in many ways, please use it going forward.



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