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X1FL: Xbox One Football League
XBMF: Xbox Madden
XBMC: Xbox Madden Champions League
XBMS: Xbox Madden Summer League
XBMK: Xbox Madden Keeper League (Franchise)
XLAP: Xbox Live All Pro Football League
----: Playstation Football League
PSFL: Playstation 4 Football League
X1BL: Xbox One Baseball League
XBBL (EA): Xbox Baseball League (EA)
XBWL: Xbox Baseball Winter League
XBWL (EA): Xbox Baseball Winter League (EA)
XBNB: Xbox NCAA Baseball League (EA)
PSBL: Playstation 4 Baseball League
ULFC: Full Count (OOTP)
XBHL: Xbox Hockey League (2K)
OVHL: Ohio Valley Hockey League
XBEH: Xbox Hockey League
XBHS: Xbox Hockey Summer League
XAHL: Xbox American Hockey League
XOSL: Xbox Original Six Hockey League
XBSM: Xbox Finnish (SM-lliga) Hockey (EA)
XIHL: Xbox International Hockey League
ULSHL: Xbox Team Hockey League
XKHL: Xbox Kontinental Hockey League (EA)
XECL: Xbox European Champions League
XCHL: Xbox Canadian Junior Hockey League
PSEH: Playstation Hockey League
PSBA: Playstation Basketball Association
X1BA: Xbox One Basketball Association
XBSB: Xbox Basketball Summer League
EASBL: EA Sports Basketball League
ULFA - MLS: UL Football Association - MLS (FIFA)
X1CL: Xbox One Champions League
WC: World Cup
ULFA - ESP: UL Football Association - ESP (FIFA)
X1PL: Xbox One Premier League (FIFA)
XBDE: Xbox Dutch Eredivisie (PES)
XBFLC: Xbox Football League Championship (FIFA)
PSFA: Playstation 4 Football Association (PES)
ULFA - ITA: UL Football Association - ITA (FIFA)
ULFA - GER: UL Football Association - GER (FIFA)
X1CR: Xbox One Custom Roster League
ULFA: UL Football Association
ULFA - EU: ULFA Europe
ULFA - INT: ULFA International
XPL: Xbox Premier League
XPLC: Xbox Premier League Cups
PFFA: Playstation 4 Fantasy FIFA Association
PSFL: Playstation 4 FIFA League
NCAA Football
XBCF: Xbox College Football League
XBCC: Xbox College Champions League
PSCF: Playstation 3 College Football League
XBCK: Xbox College Keeper League
XBD2: Xbox Division 2 Football League
NCAA Basketball
XBCB: Xbox College Basketball League
XBTL: Xbox Tennis League
XBBF: Xbox Boxing Federation
Fantasy Football
ULFF1: United Leagues Fantasy Football League 1
ULFF2: United Leagues Fantasy Football League 2
X1GA: Xbox One Golf Association
X1UFC: Xbox Ultimate Fighting Championship League
XBRL: Xbox Racing League
XBRL (PGR): Xbox Racing League (PGR)
PRL: Playstation 4 Racing League
Arena Football
XBAL: Xbox Arena Football League
Fantasy Baseball
ULFB: United Leagues Fantasy Baseball League
Fantasy Hockey
ULFH: United Leagues Fantasy Hockey League
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