There and Back Again

Some of you may have noticed the server logo/name change; I just wanted to give some context and news about that shift.

In 2006, I was playing a random online ranked game of FIFA and my opponent had a mic on. We chatted about the game, the sport, and some website called Xbox Live League Network (founded in 2002). I figured I might as well check it out, I was just a college kid with too much free time and not enough drive to study, so more video games was perfect!

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The PFA and FIFA 22

The Playstation Football Association (PFA) is the premier destination for sportsmanship, community, and competition, and as such is excited to announce our plans for the FIFA 22 cycle.

The PFA is proud to introduce, beginning with FIFA 22, two league formats to appeal to different types of managers. The formats will run concurrently and since they are separate ecosystems, managers can participate in both if they so desire. In between seasons, international cups will be held.

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