• Sportsmanship.Community.Competition.

Manager Expectations

  • Show respect to your fellow managers
  • No toxicity. If you want to be toxic, this isn’t the league for you.
  • Headsets are required
  • Rage-quitting is strictly prohibited and will result in removal from the league
  • Maintain communication through the United Leagues Discord
  • Utilize the UL Discord for game scheduling
  • The home manager for a fixture is expected to send the invite
  • The winning manager (or home manager in a draw) is expected to submit scores/stats after a match
  • Managers are responsible for keeping their rosters updated in-game through roster updates.
  • Streaming of matches is recommended, but not mandatory.
  • Even though we will utilize custom rosters, any manager that is found to have edited player ratings or illegal rosters will be immediately removed, no questions asked. You will also forfeit your season fee. A league of this type only works if you can trust your fellow managers.

PESFA Process

The PESFA will begin with  a draft where each manager will select the kit/logo that they wish to use. The PESFA will then conduct a full 20-round fantasy draft to fill rosters. The draft will be held and run through the UL Discord.

Team rosters will be restricted in terms of how many players they have at or above certain OVR ratings. Those limits will be posted before the draft.

Roster restrictions for the first season will be as follows:

  • 2 players rated 85 or above
  • 1 player rated 80-84 at each position group – ATT, MID, DEF.
    • Only primary positions will be taken into account
    • DEF – RB/LB/CB/GK
  • Clubs can have more 80-84 players if they choose not to have any 85+ players – but they can only have a total of 6 players above 80.

PESFA Competitions 

PESFA League

The league will be a single table, with each club playing each other twice. The team with the most points at the end of the season will be declared champions.

PESFA Tiebreakers 

  1. Total points
  2. Overall goal differential
  3. Total goals scored
  4. Playoff match between tied teams

PESFA Xbox Cup

The PESFA Xbox Cup will be a straight knockout competition. The PESFA Xbox Cup will be open to all PESFA clubs and will run throughout the season. Injuries and bookings do not carry over between the league and PESFA Xbox Cup.

Game Settings & Rules

Games will be played on 

  • Kick Off > Player Match Lobby > Set up Match Room
  • Match Time: 15 mins
  • Injuries: ON
  • Ball Type: Home Team Choice
  • Time Limit: Long
  • Overtime: OFF (ON for Cup matches)
  • PK: OFF (ON for Cup matches
  • Max. No. of Substitutions: 3 (+1 in Extra Time)

Match Reporting

  • All match reports are to be submitted to the website.
  • The winning team is responsible for reporting the match. In the event of a draw, the home team is responsible for the report.   
  • In addition to the match report, a photo of the result must be submitted to the match result channel. 

Unplayed Matches

The PESFA will not hand out wins, draws, or losses for unplayed matches. So if you choose not to play your matches, you will not be given free points.

Injuries & Bookings

Players can miss games due to injuries or card suspension (red or yellow). These will be posted each week with the news update. All suspensions/injuries take effect the following week. All injuries & suspensions carry over from league matches to cup matches and visa versa.


  • When a player is injured during a match, it must be reported in the post-match report. Players that are injured will miss the next match


  • Players that accumulate yellow cards will be suspended at the following intervals:
    • 3 yellow cards – 1 game
    • 5 yellow cards – 2 games
    • 7 yellow cards – 3 games
    • 9 yellow cards – 5 games
  • Straight red cards carry a 1-match ban.
    • If a player accumulates 3 straight red cards, he will be banned for the rest of the season. 

Free Agency

Eligible Players

Free agents will be considered to be any player who:

  • Is not on a PESFA roster and in the game
  • Legend and fake players are NOT eligible for PESFA rosters

Claiming a player – Waivers

Claiming a free agent works just like a transfer, submit a claim using the PESFA Transfer Bid form. All free agent bids will be posted by a bot, notifying the league that a waiver claim has been made for a player. If no other team makes a claim within 24 hours, the original claim will stand. The waiver list will be in reverse order of the table, with a games played requirement, which will be posted once the schedule has been created. Any team that does not meet this games played requirement will be placed at the end of the waiver list.

Successfully claiming a player will also move the claiming club to the end of the waiver list. Be sure to check the #waiver-order channel for the latest order.

Dropping a player

Players may be dropped in order to make room for new players.


  • Rage quitting is strictly prohibited
  • Managers that are found to be fielding a player that is not on their listed roster may be subject to immediate removal from the league.
  • Managers that have illegally edited player ratings will be removed from the league.

**Disclaimer** Offenses not listed here that are found to be not in the good spirit of the league may be subject to additional fines, suspension, or removal from the league. The PESFA also reserves the right to add or remove rules as it sees fit for the best interest of the league. Obviously the goal of this league is to have fun and try to recreate the manager mode experience as best we can in an online setting with friends. So basically, don’t be a dick and you’ll be fine.