The PFA and FIFA 22

The Playstation Football Association (PFA) is the premier destination for sportsmanship, community, and competition, and as such is excited to announce our plans for the FIFA 22 cycle.

The PFA is proud to introduce, beginning with FIFA 22, two league formats to appeal to different types of managers. The formats will run concurrently and since they are separate ecosystems, managers can participate in both if they so desire. In between seasons, international cups will be held.

Also in an attempt to combat game mechanic abuse, all PFA leagues will be have assisted controls banned. The PFA believes that not only does it minimize exploits within the game, it also fosters more realistic gameplay and scorelines.

PFA Premier League

  • United Leagues Casual League
  • 20 managers at max
  • Designed for managers who want the traditional Premier League experience.
  • 38 matches, home & away with an FA Cup that runs with it.

PFA Career Mode

  • Traditional career mode style league – UL Custom Roster League
  • Maximum of three ten-club divisions (30)
  • 3 star max starting clubs
  • Promotion and relegation
  • Wage cap & transfer budgets
  • Player contract system
  • Full transfer market (loans, swaps, free agency, traditional transfers)
  • Designed for managers who want to build a club over time. This will be a slow-burn league.

In addition to these two FIFA leagues, United Leagues will be monitoring the new eFootball game and how its online modes look. Since it will be a free-to-play game, it is being considered for a league as well in 2021.

If you are interested in any or all of these leagues, join us here!

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