Global FAQ

Even though United Leagues may run leagues across different sports and different video games, the rules & guidelines on this page apply to anything that is related to UL.

United Leagues Member Expectations

  • Show respect to your fellow league members and follow the sportsmanship policy
  • No toxicity. If you want to be toxic like this is random online multiplayer, you are in the wrong place.
  • Rage-quitting is strictly prohibited and will result in removal from the league.
  • Be active in the UL Discord
  • Utilize the proper scheduling channels for match scheduling
  • The home team for a game is expected to send the invite
  • The winning team (or home team in a draw) is expected to submit scores/stats after a match
  • Streaming of matches is recommended, but not mandatory.
  • For dynasty leagues:
    • Managers are responsible for keeping their rosters updated in-game through roster updates.
    • Any manager that is found to have edited player ratings or use illegal rosters will be immediately removed, no questions asked. A league of this type only works if you can trust your fellow managers.

What is the UL Sportsmanship Policy?

  • Members are expected to uphold principles of sportsmanlike behavior at all times.
  • You will show respect for your opponents and respect for the sports that you are simulating.
  • You will refrain from running up the score.
  • You will be expected to communicate in a polite, acceptable manner during any communication related to United Leagues.
  • You will be expected to play fairly without the use/help of known cheats/glitches.
  • You will be expected to use a mic during the game (in-game or Discord voice channel) – the technology is there and you are expected to use it to some degree. Choosing not to talk is ok – but you must meet up with your opponent, say ‘hello’ and wear the mic during the game. This is done to alleviate against any game play issues or the possibility of a dropped game.
  • In regards to running up the score or padding stats against league opponents…these actions absolutely will not be tolerated and will result in immediate league action.
  • Owners exhibiting unsportsmanlike behavior at any time during their membership at United Leagues will be subject to removal.

What type of leagues does United Leagues have?

United Leagues currently runs two types of leagues – casual and dynasty.

  • Casual Leagues
    • Casual leagues are very basic in nature. Owners draft a team and play with that team as-is for the entirety of a season. Their rosters may change throughout the season through in-game roster updates.
    • Casual leagues have minimal stat-tracking
  • Dynasty Leagues
    • Dynasty leagues replicate the career mode in that owners will draft a team and will be able to make moves (trades, transfers, free agency, etc.) to shape their roster how they want.
    • Dynasty leagues have very in-depth stat-tracking
      • Any additional stats beyond the essentials are optional, but allow owners the opportunity to add more depth to the league they are in.

What stats does United Leagues track?

This largely depends on the game/sport being played and the league type involved. The ability to track almost any stat is there, however for casual leagues, everything is streamlined.

Dynasty leagues allow for more stat-tracking, but it is up to each individual owner to track their own stats after a game.

Each league type has certain basic stats that must be tracked (all casual league stats), anything beyond these basic stats are optional and are available only to add depth to dynasty leagues.

How do I schedule my games?

The following means are in the order to use when scheduling your games:

  1. United Leagues Discord – each league will have its own scheduling channel in addition to the ability to send other members a DM through Discord.
  2. System Messaging – if you can’t reach your opponent through Discord, sending a message through PSN or Xbox Live is the next step.
  3. Contact The Commissioner – If you have tried everything in attempts to schedule your game, your next and final step is to contact the league commissioner. Just looking for a guy on Discord does not cut it here. You are required to follow the above steps all before the end of the scheduled week. Failure to follow United Leagues scheduling procedures will lead to your removal.

What do I do if I will be away for an extended period of time?

  • Post in the Out of Office channel in the UL Discord.
  • Contact the commissioner of your league to notify of your situation and when you will return.
  • Contact your upcoming opponents and make them aware that you will be gone for a while and when you will return

How do I sign up for a league?

To sign up for a league, you must be a member of the Discord. Each league will have its own set of channels, including a sign-up channel. Once you have signed up in the appropriate channel, you will be added to the pool of owners for the next season. Your spot will not be confirmed, however, until you have taken care of your league fee.

How is the draft order determined?

First season of a new league

  • ROUND 1: The draft board will be set in order of seniority. A deadline will be announced by the commissioner that all current United Leagues members who wish to sign up for the league must do so before the stated deadline. Sign-ups will be ordered according to UL join date.
  • ROUND 2: The draft board will be set in order of league sign-up (in the Discord channel).

Subsequent seasons of a league

  • ROUND 1: Members entered in Round 1 are returning owners. They will be drawn using a lottery system based on the previous season’s standings, with the lowest returning owner getting the most chances and the league champions getting the fewest.
  • ROUND 2: Round 2 draft board will be set in order of seniority until a deadline passes.
  • ROUND 3: Round 3 draft board will be set in order of league sign-up date.

Can I trade my team or draft pick?

Trading of draft positions/teams must be made in writing by all parties involved in the transaction to the league commissioner(s) before a designated time set by the league commissioner(s). Under no circumstances may teams be traded after the start of a season. All trades will be reviewed by United Leagues staff and may be subject to league veto.

What happens if a game is disconnected?

  • A game is not an official game until the full game has been played.
  • If a disconnect occurs the game must continue where the disconnect happened. Simply restart with the same score and play the amount of time remaining or, if both owners agree, the game can be completely restarted.
    • One caveat, a game can be replayed at any time as long as both owners agree to the replay.
  • If a game is too laggy, both owners can decide to restart or wait for another time to play. This decision needs to be made as early as possible in the match.

What do I do if I have a problem with another owner?

  • The Discord is the place to discuss any thing you want – use it to your advantage.
  • Game play and strategies of other teams
  • Problems with other owners
  • News discussion
  • Problems with the rules. If the popular opinion is to have a rule change – it is very possible to get it changed ยท Etc.
  • Other things to consider when having problems with an owner:
    • If the commissioner has to step in and make a decision, both players can submit their side of the story and let the commissioner make the decision. If a team informs the commissioner about problems, game play, attitude, etc by email, expect that same email to be forwarded on to the other team. In other words, don’t send the commissioner something you wouldn’t want the other team to see – it will be forwarded on. Also, please be tactful.
    • If a player is being abusive or otherwise unruly, the commissioner has the right to ban the player from the league and give his team to someone else.
  • This is a mature league network, if you want to act like a child, you will be treated like a child.
  • The commissioner has the FINAL say on all matters.

What is the deal with the league fee?

There will be a $5.46 league fee for all teams entering the the draft of all leagues for each season.

The best way to make payment is through PayPal.

The reasons behind the fee:

  • The software that runs the league took a long time to develop. This is an easy way to recoup some of that time.
  • This also allows for continuing maintenance, and enhancements.
  • There are a very good group of core owners in this league. We think this will bolster stability as well as participation.
  • United Leagues is all about adult game play, and this is a good way to ensure that we cater to the adult gaming community.
  • By charging a fee, albeit a very small one, we are able to regulate the owners that are not very serious about committing to a full season
  • Fee details:
    • To enter a draft or to take over a team during the course of a season, the fee must be paid unless the season has made it to the 1/2 way mark.
  • There will be NO refunds given at any time.

How do I pay my league fee?

You can select a subscription option or do a one-time league fee on this page.

How can I support United Leagues?

The easy answer is to be active in the Discord, play your games, and just be a good owner.

United Leagues also offers 5 tiers of subscriptions (with perks!) if you wish to support financially. You can view, and join, the tiers on this page.

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